Character Development

Speak Truth

What is the truth? As men, we have often misused the gift of free will bestowed upon us by God, audaciously attempting to redefine what constitutes truth. Instead of truth serving as the fundamental basis for our conduct as men, we endeavor to manipulate and tailor universal and national principles to satisfy our insatiable desires for lust and greed.

Men are uniquely created and expected to be wrapped in the fabric of truth. When we wear it, it unmistakably reflects the quality of a man in a world where many don the compromise-stitched uniform of choice. Consider what occurs when the fabric of truth does not align with the plans we set for our lives? How, exactly, do we qualify true manhood?

Rather than embracing the truth by dedicating ourselves to the necessary development and refinement of our character in the area of personal growth, we avoid accountability by distorting the truth to accommodate a variety of temptations and desires. Fact: a loose and shapeless character can never be in style.

So, this heartfelt appeal goes out to my fellow brethren who have valiantly acknowledged their weaknesses and who refrain from embracing behaviors that do not align with their destined purpose. I commend every man who has chosen to disregard the prevailing trends of toxic culture and has forged his unique sense of identity. To the younger generation reading this, I urge you to bypass the pressures of expensive brands dictated by peer influence and seek authenticity, for a label can never replace the inscription etched upon your heart.

Since none of us know when our defining moment will arrive, it is prudent to have our metaphorical attire prepared in advance!


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