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Disrespected or Not Acknowledged?

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Let’s discuss the wide gap between being disrespected and not being acknowledged. Although there is a clear line between the two, we see more and more men unknowingly associating not being acknowledged as a form of disrespect.  Our social media-driven society has socially engineered us to crave and become addicted to a need for constant validation from others.  When we don't feel validated or secure, we will look for others to compromise and satisfy that need. When a man walks with integrity and functions with a sharp focus on his goals, he will stand out from others and easily be seen and acknowledged.  

So, what is the core difference between both respect and acknowledgment? Respect is the basic acceptance of another man for how he has chosen to live and walk the path of manhood. Acknowledgment extends beyond respect, serving as the foundation for upholding a greater level of admiration and appreciation.  Respect never has to go any further than, "I'll stay in my lane, and you stay in yours." But when a man's sacrifices and honorable decisions produce a positive impact more significant than himself, he will always be noticed and acknowledged by others.

I want to leave you brothers with this truth: Men today are looking for ways to buy respect instead of embodying the character traits necessary for it to be earned. Many pursue the unrighteous quest for money and power, thinking that having lots of cash, jewelry, cars, and expensive clothes will give them access to other people’s respect. That is an illusion…a trap that robs countless men of their true potential and calling. The only thing those things will bring to a man is attention and nothing more. Deep respect comes from knowing a man’s core principles, ethics, and understanding of himself. There is no subscription you can pay for that entitles you to the respect of others, and thinking there is will prove to be emotionally and financially draining. Like any subscription, trying to pay for respect will have you repeatedly paying for it every year. And, like everything else in this world, each year, the subscription cost is guaranteed to increase.

Understand and know for yourself what it means to have self-respect. Live a life worthy of receiving respect. Embrace the opportunity to accept differences in others. Search deep within yourself to find that spark of creation that all men carry so you can place your hands on those things worthy of being acknowledged. Don’t cut corners or take unnecessary risks hoping to purchase what is priceless – your self-respect.

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