Character Development

Character – More Valuable Than Currency

businessman in suit
There is the belief that “Cash is King,” and indeed, money can open doors that a lack of it cannot. It is also true that credit grants men access to things when even money is not enough. Another form of currency with the power to overcome cash and credit is…Character. Without a good character, a man can prepare to bring all of his money and abilities to the table and still be rejected due to his flawed character. 

The world is full of men with talents, skills, innovative minds, and brilliance. From athletics to acting and technology, men continually push the envelope to expand on what can be achieved in a single lifetime. Some of the most impactful and motivating stories you will ever hear are about men who came from the gutter, the lowest conditions in life, to rise to the highest levels of achievement and prominence. Those are the stories about how the odds were stacked against a man, and the only thing he couldn’t afford to let go of was his dreams.  

Not all men possess an athletic nature or the emotional control it takes to be an actor. We may have the same zeal, willingness, and passion for succeeding but not the same gifts and talents. Regardless of our field or occupation, it is our character that will leave the greatest impression on others.  Like John, who we introduced to you in a previous chapter, our character leaves a deeper imprint on people’s minds than we might realize. Society has eased away from character-building practices because many believe that once money has been acquired, there is no longer a need to change or elevate one’s posture as a man.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Although it is not widely taught, character is a form of currency. It has value, is transferrable, builds equity, and doesn’t inflate itself or lose value like the U.S. dollar. A good character leaves an aroma flowing through a room after you leave it. Character places you in the heart of others and not just in their mind.

Mix a clear understanding of money with a focused investment approach; then season that with good character, and the product is a man who is unstoppable at work or in the marketplace. This will be a man who sees opportunities that others can’t, with the ability to build powerful networks that support and champion his efforts. Are you willing to put forth the effort to become that Man?

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