Leadership Principles

Are You Ready for Transformation?

Before any man takes on the task of building something worthy of a legacy, his first assignment is to survey his land carefully and thoroughly. A wise builder never starts building a structure simply because a plot of land is available. Instead, he must first check the condition of the ground beneath the surface to make sure the foundation can support the weight and magnitude of what he has decided to build.

Concerning manhood, we too must avoid building our truths, beliefs, lifestyles, and identities without first surveying our land to make sure our ideals can support the weight of our destiny and the dreams we hope to achieve. Placing our best effort and resources in contaminated soil will guarantee disappointment and frustration.

Salute 1st is surveying the land for qualified men upon whose hearts we can build certain truths. Not every man who enters our program has a sincere desire to change. Some men are unwilling to make the required sacrifices or endure the emotional discomfort of the truth. Some will start this program with incredible energy and passion until they become distracted and discouraged as soon as life offers attractive forms of temptation. Some (we pray you are one of them) will take hold of these truths and practices with a spirit of determination, ready to apply them to their everyday life. Those men will begin to revisit every aspect of their lives to carefully weigh them against the scales of truth to evaluate how they measure up. Those men will no longer be lured away by emotional distractions and weaknesses that consume the potential of countless men around the world. We developed our program specifically for those men.

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