Perspective Realignment

What is the Value of a Life?

Today, the value of a life has never been worth less. The reasons and rate at which innocent lives are cut short are horrifying, and it disrupts the security and peace of mind we all desire for our families and loved ones. Human lives, with the potential to positively impact this world, are reduced to faces on printed T-shirts. Drive-by shootings snatch little children from this earth because men place a higher value on their emotional instability than on the life of an innocent, helpless child. Suicide rates increase by the minute. Men are overwhelmed with various stressors and end their lives before God has a chance to expose them to His grace and favor. Prisons and cemeteries hold the dreams and potential of great men in a tight clutch, unwilling to release them into the opportunities of this universe. This forces us to ask: What is the value of a life?

We strongly believe that no man can ever expect anyone to respect his life more than he respects it himself. Why should the world appreciate the man who lies in bed dreaming about ways to elevate his criminal activities? If a man's passion rests with abusing and exploiting women, what concessions of mercy should be extended to him when his daughters encounter the same pedigree of men? If a man traumatizes children and robs them of their innocence, from whom is he due honor and recognition when he finds himself at the mercy of violent men? In the end, we truly reap what we sow (Luke 19:21).

Understanding the value of life is in the appreciation of life itself. Do you know the value you bring to this earth, brother? Do you realize there are vacant spaces in this world reserved for your contribution and yours alone? Can you accept that you have a unique skill and talent and that once you embrace it, the room for you to thrive will be created to place you at tables before great men of power and influence? (Proverbs 18:16)


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