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Manhood is Big Business

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The ego is like asbestos. You cannot always see it when it is present, but not seeing it with your natural eyes does not reduce its deadly impact when it's left untreated. The ego of a man is a silent killer of families, friends, freedoms, and finances…to name a few. Keeping your ego in check invites the spirit of wisdom; which is out of the reach of prideful men. The ego is one of the main reasons the baton does not pass from one generation to another. Elders are dying with wisdom’s key in their possession, and the younger generation stands at the door trying to pick the lock! There is no lack of mentors in the world who are willing to share and even hand over the keys to a lifetime of knowledge and information. What is lacking are suitable and humble men who are student-minded, and student-postured so that the elders can entrust their most precious jewels with such a man.

In the same vein, when you have determined within yourself to become something you have never seen before, it is essential to lean on the wisdom offered by those willing to share their life's experiences. Remain in the humble posture of a student throughout this journey. There are innumerable books loaded with wisdom and truths written by men of character and various social forums. Those are forums where men congregate and candidly talk about manhood, fatherhood, leadership, and wealth creation. There is a saying, "The bigger and larger a man becomes, the greater his need for guidance and wise counsel as well."

That saying can be hard to digest. Just as you will need to surround yourself with those who can add value in your pursuit of transformation, you may find yourself at a crossroads, having to part ways with people who are a hindrance or threat to your goals and objectives. It is never easy to fire an employee or high-level exec from a company. Countless hours of training and expense are invested, hoping the employee returns the investment by contributing to the company's vision. However, suppose that employee shared company information, used company resources for their personal agenda, or contaminated the morale in the company by spreading lies and creating gossip? Such a person would cause more harm than good. It would not be worth it to keep them onboard.  

A company will sometimes decide to release a team member for conduct or behavior that negatively affects the entire organization. A company leader must always prioritize the protection and preservation of the entire firm over that of one bad apple. You will also face a similar decision when the time comes. Typically, when we find ourselves at a low place in our lives, there is always a harmful entourage hanging out nearby. Very few men fall and collapse alone. Even when we are at our worst, we still tend to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals. Investing in yourself will mean taking measures to protect your investment from the threat of loss and failure. Manhood is big business!

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